10 Travel Myths

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Planet earth has 196 countries, all have amazing destinations to explore. My goal is to explore all seven continents and as many countries as possible. Get travel tips, recommendations and the tricks I use so you can explore planet earth cheaply!

10 Travel Myths

I’ve talked with hundreds (if not thousands) of people about this topic.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a stranger sitting next to me on a plane or a life-long friend – everyone asks “How do I travel so much?”  I’m not rich by any means and not a narcissistic freak, just smart about everything I do (travel included).  Surprisingly, the same dozen (or so) questions always come up, so i’ll skip the intro and get right to the myths and solutions:

Traveling is expensive

Yes, traveling can be expensive – if you let it.  Airlines love last-minute shoppers and people who don’t understand the “system.”

Reality Check: The key is flexibility!  Be flexible on how, where and when you travel. You can find some domestic flights cheaper than gassing up your car and driving (definitely quicker). Popular international destinations on this planet have round-trip tickets costs between $400-800 USD/person.

My seat is too small

Yes, your seat is small.

Reality Check: Airlines are looking to maximize revenue and the smaller they can make your seat, the more people and in-turn, revenue from a full flight.  With all the travel I do, I don’t care if i’m in a middle seat in the back of the plane on a 90 minute flight.  Put me on a 16-hour flight across the pacific and I’ll spend a few more $$$ to get a seat in the bulk head or business cabin.

OMG! Turbulence

I can’t deal with the bumps, noises and turbulence of planes.

Reality Check: Turbulence is something that will never go away.  NOAA and the FAA have made amazing strides in radar enhancements that show upcoming turbulent air and allow airplanes to fly around it (when possible).  Manufacturer have made planes lighter, stronger and more resilient; The bottom line is that airplanes like to fly and want to keep flying.

I want to travel when I'm older

Retiring and traveling the world with your significant other sounds like an amazing way to live out the rest of your life.

Reality Check: No one has been able to pin point the day, month or year when we’ll die.  Sadly, when people are sick they can’t travel and usually regret not traveling more.  Why wait?  Now’s the best time to travel!  Travel while you have the health, energy and drive to explore new things!

I want to travel with my family

Take your wife and kids with you as your explore the planet.

Reality Check: I can tell you (any maybe significant other) how to travel cheaply and efficiently. Add the entire family and the cost savings are gone and inefficiencies become cost factors that will almost guarantee a veto on the idea of a next trip.  Honestly, kids won’t appreciate traveling until they’re out of school (and hopefully on their own).  I traveled when I was young and remember it, but didn’t fully appreciate it until I returned to some of the places I visited when I was younger.

Traveling is to too stressful

Navigating airports, dealing with security and overbooked flights are a way of life.  

Reality Check: In the post-9/11 world, security is something we will all have to deal with for the rest of our lives.  The security guys at the airport are just doing their job (poorly, sometimes).  Airlines will continue to overbook planes to ensure no seat flies empty.  And if you are scared of navigating airports, take a self assessment quiz: Buy a piece of Ikea furniture.  If you can put it together correct, I guarantee you can find your way through an airport.

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