In my head

Where do you want to go?

Planet earth has 196 countries, all have amazing destinations to explore. My goal is to explore all seven continents and as many countries as possible. Get travel tips, recommendations and the tricks I use so you can explore planet earth cheaply!

In my head

… a long, long time ago in a city far, far away a new earthling was hatched; the name bestowed on to him, Sean Brown. It was an overly simple name for an only complicated individual.

Growing Up

Learn more about Sean and his shenanigans growing up.  Find out what shaped him into who he is today.

The American dream of a wife, 2.5 kids, house with a white picket fence and a dog are replaced with random trips to anywhere, meeting new people everywhere, and seeing things most people will only dream about. People either think I’m crazy or admire what I do; there aren’t many shades of grey here.

I’m a nomadic traveler in the prime of my life who seamlessly wanders throughout this tiny planet in search of the unknown, for no other reason but to experience everything life has to offer.

I am most productive at 36,000’ and consider my window seat my office, living room, and bedroom. I live a streamlined, minimalist lifestyle where physical assets mean the least and experiences mean the most.

My Career

Learn more about Sean’s career and the professional accomplishments on his professional website.

I work hard and play hard; I strategically plan trips around work, long weekends and PTO. I have created a career full of discipline, productivity and advancement where the sky is the limit (no pun intended).  I author my professional website ( which is dedicated to technology, telecommunications and information technology.

Location is not everything; my career advancement has allowed me to live in multiple cities and states. With the fluidity in life and passion for exploring, I have been able to excel in my industry by eliminating geographical constraints. I am willing to accept employment anywhere and everywhere domestically and internationally.


Lean more about the inner workings of Sean.  Find out what makes him ‘tick’.

I live each and every day with purpose, as if it were my last.  I never look back with regret, it’s a vicious hell that is unhealthy and stunts forward motion.

I view my past as a learning opportunity; a way to make things better, a way to help move me forward.

One day I hope to evolve my career into working around my travel schedule, but that’s sometime away. In the mean time, I’ll keep doing everything I can keep evolving my life and career into my next great adventure.

10 Travel Myths

Travel is something (almost) everyone wants to do at some point in their life.  Learn about the most common myths of traveling and how you can overcome them and travel the world!

Our darkest hours at the end of our lives should be filled with memories of what we’ve accomplished and things we’ve done. I refuse to end my life with thoughts of regret, wishing I did more. I’ve accepted not wanting the mainstream goals of a family and children and haven’t looked back.

No one knows how our lives will end; in-fact it can end at any time for any reason. I sleep soundly known that when the end comes; no one will be able to say I didn’t live life to the fullest.

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