Exploring Downtown Banff

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The Fairmont Banff Springs

Exploring Downtown Banff

Banff is nestled in the norther Rocky Mountains of Alberta, a ski town which is probably pretty intense during peak ski season.  I found myself out there in ass-end of Winter with my best friend who is originally from Alberta (I don’t hold it against her).  We decided meet up with friends and to head into Banff for dinner and a night of shenanigans.

Downtown Banff

The drive to Banff is fairly lengthy, through winding Canadian mountain roads.  The journey took us past the Canadian Olympic Park, home of the 1988 Calgary Olympics.  It was interesting to breeze by the park and see all the ski slopes, a moment in the history of the Olympic Games.

We arrived in Banff around twilight and I found it eerily similar to Breckenridge in Colorado.  It makes me wonder if all ski towns are similar in look, attractions and amenities?

We all had the most amazing dinner at The Grizzly House, a local Banff landmark.  If you’ve followed me throughout my travels and my life, you know that I don’t [typically] go too far outside of my food comfort zone.  For some reason, I found myself thoroughly indulging in some alligator, shark and rattlesnake, along with the traditional carnivore meats.

After dinner, we found ourselves at The Fairmont Banff Springs for post-dinner shenanigans and drinks.  Let’s me start by saying, this place is absolutely gorgeous, it’s a castle tucked away in the pristine beauty of the Cascade Mountains.

I will admit, I was quite surprised at the beauty of Banff.  For it being hidden in the middle of Alberta, it is definitely a place I would recommend to keep on a short-list of destinations if you’re looking for a beautiful ski town. I will admit, I wasn’t there during season – I did not experience the in-season popularity.  I would assume it is similar in comparison to Colorado ski destinations.

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